We felt strongly that people, in particular, about 46% of Americans are spending more than they make each month and that without a solid budget, people could end up overspending and into debt.

What it does

Essentially, Budgetless is a finance management application that tracks expenses through payment processing via the BudgetLess app and uses these expenses to determine where the user needs to spend less in order for the user to be able to live a particular lifestyle.

How I built it

The application was built using Python and Flask to provide the API framework while the frontend of the application was based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ChartJS. The overall backend was deployed on Google App Engine combined with Google Compute Engine Virtual Machines while the database was deployed using Google Cloud SQL (MySQL variation).

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we as a group went through involved was aligning content properly, as we all had different skill levels and learning to use things that we are not as familiar with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the fact that BudgetLess has become a multi-functional app that not only records and tracks expenses, but also allows the user to make payments on their bills, and receive notifications on suggestions about where they should spend less to maximize their gains.

What I learned

Well, our group consisted of students coming in from all four different universities with completely different skillsets. Almost all of us learnt something cool about the other schools, and something fun about the tech stack we used during the development of this application.

What's next for BudgetLess

BudgetLess is a virtual assistant application that allows you to make sure that you never go over-budget while also enabling you to make your payments with just a single click. We plan to partner with vendors that might require users to pay bills / invoices manually too often and provide them an overall infrastructure to continue doing what they do the best in their industry while we make sure they get paid on time.

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