We were inspired by our collective lack of ability to adult. For us, credit card app trackers, especially when you share a joint card, can get jumbled, and it is hard to see your monthly spendings until it hits you like a truck when the statement comes out. We have tried other budget apps in the past where you are supposed to log every purchase yourself and found them easy to forget behind the allure of Tik Tok. However, we are also three college students that are tired of getting yelled at by our parents from half a state away. So, we decided to create our own app that does better and makes you better for it.

What it does

Our app links directly to your card or cards and immediately categorizes your purchases with the idea that being able to see your $200 lululemon purchase cutting out of your $500 budget will finally push you to make that change. It also provides fun, user-friendly features like streaks and customized messages to keep you engaged and coming back to check on your progress.

How we built it

We designed it in Figma, then implemented that design using Xcode and Swift. Finally, we created a Java algorithm to implement one of the features of our app - turning a String of a card statement into readable and graphable data in the form of a HashMap.

Challenges we ran into

we ran into challenges in Swift, a language we were all unfamiliar with, which led to our app being majority image-based for this demonstration. We also ran into time-issues with writing the java code which resulted in not our idealized final product but a good starting algorithm for our app regardless.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud of the way the app ended up looking. Our whole hearts went into the design and our joint humor into the powerpoint and app messages. We also finished this begging for an app like this to actual come on the market (we aren't quite there yet with IOS dev.) which I feel like is such a shining testament to our idea.

What we learned

We learned basically everything about Figma and Xcode because most of our group members had never worked with one or the other or both, and we also definitely learned time-management as we all juggled school work, regular work, and in one of our cases strep throat.

What's next for Budgeting Sucks

Hopefully, actually being developed if that becomes in our skill range in the future, and also we are thinking of a joint app in our adulting series called Stonks to teach newbies like us about the world of investing.

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