First time ever, I was made the team lead to organize an event - Facebook developers circles Uyo Inauguration on 25th May, 2017. Organizing the event weighed me down because I was new to the community and it was a week to the event. I knew few vendors who could help out with swags like T-shirts and event assets like flex, backdrop, etc. So many other things were needed like sound, refreshements but it was difficult to reach out to them. On the long run, it was a success but fell sick after the event.

September, 2017, I learnt about Facebook Developers Challenge where we could bring up new ideas to help our communities. So with this, Budgetier idea surfaced but unfortunately, we could not meetup with the submission.

What it does

Budgetier is to ease-off stress of organizing events (developers meetups, birthday, wedding, corporate meetings, etc) by providing vendors that offer different event services. This would help event organizers to budget for event reducing under/over estimation of budgets, vendors reachability to get more jobs. An event organizer new to a community could easily budget and plan for event.

How we built it

Members: Amongst our teams members, we have developers with skills (Frontend, Backend, Project Manager and Mobile) and a business strategist.

Technology: Language: PHP, JavaScript Host: DIgital Ocean Frameworks: Laravel, VueJS Hardware: Memory: 1 GB , CPU: 1 vCPU , Storage Space: 25 GB , Transfer: 1 TB

Challenges we ran into

  1. We had issues with market survey/validation with vendors and event planners/organizers.
  2. Getting remote developers due to insufficient developers within the community.
  3. Insufficient internet (data) and power supply.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very glad to make it for submission this season because we could not meet up with the last challenge in 2017. We were able to make a working and testing prototype in spite of the challenges we had.

What we learned

This is our first time of working as a team and creating a startup and we have learnt about the technical and business aspect of it.

What's next for Budgetier

We hope to launch as soon as possible but funding may be a challenge.

Demo details

Username: Password: budgetier

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