Final Project for EC327 "Intro to Software Engineering" at Boston University

This app, codenamed BudgetCoder, was built as the project component of the EC327 Course at BU during the Fall 2018 Semester. It is focused on showcasing the technologies available in Android Studio and the use of Object Oriented Programming through the Java Programming Language. The app incentivizes users to save money by showing how much you have left until you reach a specified goal and offering a reward for successfully completing the goal. The development team was composed of: Norman Toro Vega, Justin Leszczynski, Chanapat Suksangium, Natapat Chotruchsakul, and Margot Bauman

Frameworks and Contributions

I worked on the development of the User Interface and the Backend while also assisting in overall project management. The UI concepts were developed in Figma and include elements from the Android Material Design Language (UI Components) and Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines (Colors). The app required a design that was simple, easy to use, and attractive to the user. It also had to follow the latest design trends through the use of material design and a flat interface throughout.

For the backend, I worked with Java and implemented SQL databases using the Room Persistence Library. The user information (username and password), bank account information, and goal information were all implemented using their respective Android Room classes. This allowed the user to input information and have it stored in between sessions.

In terms of project management, I oversaw that the project and all of its components were meeting the necessary deadlines to finish a polished app on time. I worked with the team to setup the Github repository and did a walkthrough about how to use Git version control.

Future Work

The app is still in the early stages of development. The design needs to be refined to more closely follow the Figma concept and increase ease-of-use for the users. Some bugs are also present, specifically in using alert dialogs and erasing database information.

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