One of our members recently came back from Japan and he noted that while he was there, he experienced difficulties tracking his spending during his trip. Turns out, our intuition of knowing when something too expensive and knowing when we've spent too much weakens when we use unfamiliar currencies. So we decided that it would be great to make an app that would aid others who travel and want to keep their money management skills while abroad.

What it does

BudgetCation is a web-app that allows users to manage spendings in both their home currency and their own currency. It is flexible, allowing users to keep track of different trips, in different locations and different currencies.

How we built it

We hosted the app on the React Client, which uses Google's Firebase Authorization to manage logins, signups and emailing. The client interacts with multiple APIs to receive hourly updates to global exchange rates. And then uses Firebase to store and manage our users' trips, budgets, etc. This is all held together using Flask in order to make RESTful APIs for our databases

Challenges we ran into

One of the bigger challenges we ran into was the limited time we had to do the project, as our team was very ambitious so it took a while to agree on an idea. On the more technical side, we had trouble combining the front-end and the back-end, and this took a lot of time as we only had a limited amount of team members who could work on that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first hackathon for two of our team members, so they are very proud of everything they had learned during this event.

What we learned

For some of us, we learned a lot at this hackathon such as Flask, Ajax, RESTful API, coding in teams, etc. We have also learned that getting an idea early or even before the hackathon would be very beneficial for our future hackathon performances.

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