BudgetByte is ideal for someone who is always on the go but hates wasting money eating out all the time.

We started with the simple idea of getting the best bang for our buck at Taco Bueno, one of our favorite fast food joints, and we thought it shouldn't be too hard to add other restaurants and expand on the idea. We then added location-based restaurant filtering (using Google Places API) to simplify the task of choosing where to eat.

We are quite proud of our visual design efforts. Our goal was to design a website that is simple, straight-forward, self-explanatory, and versatile, working on a variety of devices, and we think we've achieved that goal quite well. Our web app is easily usable not only on desktop but on mobile platforms as well.

Also, we feel our algorithm development abilities deserve special mention. The so-called "0/1 knapsack problem" proved to be quite difficult to solve optimally and efficiently, but we believe our solution can't be beat on either of those metrics.

Code involved: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery

Platforms/services used: Azure, Google APIs, Cloud9 IDE, Trello, HipChat

We just wish more of our providers were sponsors!

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