For all the convenience that your credit cards and NFC payment apps bring, they don’t do a whole lot for helping you make better purchases. We were inspired by a workshop on financial literacy to develop an app to make it as easy as possible to have a metric for how you should be spending your money. We decided that in order to get people to make better financial decisions, information needed to be as simple as possible. That purpose led us to design BudgetBuddy.

What it does

Budget buddy has all the tools you will need to understand whether the purchases you are about to make are reasonable. The app tracks your location and detects which store you are in, then reminds you to log your transactions into the app. Transactions logged in the app are compared with a user-defined monthly budget to let you know how much money you will have left to keep on track if you make the purchase. This provides a super easy way to make the decision of whether a purchase is worth it or not.

How I built it

Budget buddy is built entirely in Java and Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Using APIs such as the MPAndroid API led us into difficulties because we had to learn how to use the methods.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app was made to be extremely polished and very user friendly. As a product, it accomplishes its goals very well.

What I learned

We learned to work with various new APIs.

What's next for budgetBuddy

We can add new features to better predict and analyze one's expenditures

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