So the inspiration of the this app was from a cumulation of group interests. Two of us came in the desire to code while the our other group member came from a desire for financial tracking, while cumulated perfectly into a budget tracking app.

What it does

Our app mirrors of a mobile pay application, except for the fact that it tracks those transactions and leaves the user to review them. It the takes these reviews into an account to better suggest a budget for the next month, with negativity reviewed transactions getting partially dropped from the budget.

How I built it

The application was built in XCode, using the swift coding language, accomplished through Youtube, the mentors, and group problem solving among our members.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges were consistently managing the new syntax, more specifically implementing a sliding user-interface (which was never accomplished).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing an app in an unknown language within such a sort period of time, along with a overcoming many bumps along the way.

What I learned

Swift. All members were forced to learn the language from scratch, which offered a great achievement beyond building the app as everyone gained greater knowledge of a new language.

What's next for BudgetBuddy

Whats next would be achieving a seamless feel in between banking, budgeting, and living as well as creating a system that would allow its users to put in savings or to charity on top of each purchase, with an end goal of being offered along with a major banking company.

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