Impulsive spending on video-games specifically with micro transactions.

What it does

It discourages impulsive spending from consumers and restricts children from using parents bank information without their permission. It sends SMS messages and notifications to both your phone and computer to warn and discourage needless spending.

How I built it

Using a template as a foundation a website was created that displayed the account information of our client as well as a mock-up of how the website version would work. Using the Twilio API we made it so that a SMS message is sent when a user of our software attempts to complete an unnecessary transaction.

Challenges I ran into

.XYZ domain not loading in time (takes up to 24-48 hours to construct website on domain) Flask not working with Twilio

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a functional website that was client-side. Our SMS messaging system was also functional. We have a unique idea with a solid foundation in the real world.

What I learned

How to use APIs (Twilio). How to use githup-pages and node.js.

What's next for BudgetBuddy

Expansion to multiple websites and industries

Built With

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