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As a students at UCR we have noticed that there are many people in need of help, services, and general volunteering. That made us wonder what is the poverty rate in the Inland Empire, the answer shocked us. According to research done in the university, the Inland Empire (I.E.) has a poverty rate of 22.4%. That is more than 1 in every 5 people living in the Inland Empire live in poverty. Although we are not directly able to help these people, we decided to create a sustainable tool to help those who have trouble budgeting. Budget Balancer is an app that allows the user to input an amount they want to set as a budget. After this they can then add the name of the items and the price of each item. Our algorithm will then output the price of the total amount being spent including the tax, and if the amount if larger than the budget it will notify the user. We had to utilize a new language which was React Native. With our new found skills we cooperated to create a sustainable app that fulfills our interest in helping anyone, but particularly those who have trouble budgeting.

Our app consists of several features. We created a login page that allows the user to enter their email and password. We also implemented a 'create an account' feature that allows new users to create a login. The main part of the app allows the user to input their budget, enter their item names, and enter the prices for each of the items. The total (including sales tax) is displayed at the bottom along with their budget. If the user's total exceeds the budget an error pops up and prompts them to remove the recent item to stay within their budget.

Since the app is still in its early stages, in the future we would like to work on routing in order for the user to be able login in and proceed to the budget planning page.

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