People who live in food deserts have trouble obtaining fresh and affordable food. Imported and out-of-season produce is not only expensive but also environmentally harmful. These food deserts are also particularly deleterious to those with pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, lower-income individuals and families struggle to incorporate healthy foods into their diets as highly processed foods tend to be the cheapest on the market.

What it does

We wanted to connect local communities with local fresh food sources for greater affordability and sustainability. It is definitely possible to lower the price of obtaining healthy food, and everyone can benefit from it. Methods we focused on were shopping local, buying in-season, and comparing between stores.

How I built it

Budget is built in Android Studio using Java and stores user data in FireBase.

Challenges I ran into

Minimal experience in frontend development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Stayed determined throughout the entire learning process and successfully created a working app that demoed the app’s main functionality.

What I learned

How to use Android Studio to create a UI and connect it with backend.

What's next for Budget

Changing some of the current stand-ins for the actual features they represent! :)

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