I had found that finance managers were inefficient and hard to use; I created a simple, very efficient way to manage your budget and get alerted when bills are due!

What it does

On the main page, simple instructions are given to use the application. You can create a new file, or open an existing one for modification. When creating a new file, there is a short questionnaire that builds the tables for you, so it is easier to input values. Each budget file is stored in a "Database" folder. Also, coming close or on the last day of every month, the application will create a large, visible popup to remind you to stay on time with the bills.

How I built it

I used python for the entire project, and I created my own database format in python as well. I used the Tkinter GUI development kit to create the visuals.

Challenges I ran into

I had dynamically created entry boxes to enter values in but had a hard time reassigning each value when the same file was reopened. Fortunately, I fixed the problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of being able to create a database, draw out files, and the ability for the application to fit the user's needs by adding or subtracting value boxes.

What I learned

I became more experienced in database creation and user-fitting applications. (Ones that change due to changes made by the user)

What's next for Budget Visualizer

I plan to add annual budget charts as well as weekly budget charts, and I am going to graph each table for easier reading

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