We wanted an app that not only budgets your data but also analyzes your spending patterns and gives you an accurate prediction of your budget in the future.

What it does

Given your past spending patterns, the app will give you a fine-tuned prediction of your monthly spending and will give you a detailed analysis of your budget spread.

How we built it

Back-end with node.js and amazon aws ubuntu virtual machines for the server and the mongodb database. The front end is written in Unity.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to integrate the Thomson Reuteurs BlockOneId to use blockchains instead of our mongodb database. However, the concept was very strange to us and it was hard to find good explanations of it online.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Running back-end server, working data-base, and a well-done interface.

What we learned

We have to be a little more conservative with our goals, or else we'll spread ourselves thin.

What's next for budget pro

Selling subsets of budget data to companies for more finely-tuned advertisements. BlockChain integration. Smarter predictive algorithms using machine-learning techniques.

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