We want to come up with budget calculate to figure out how much we spend and save. We then figure out how to manage our money better a way.

What it does

First, fill out your income. Second, select "Month", "Day", or "Week" to see the calculation for month, day, or week. Third, you will see the result of calculation.

How we built it

Neha - I did low-fi wireframe, html, css, jquery
Megan - I did back end, calculation functions Sam - I did back end dynamic input data maniuplation.

Challenges we ran into

Didn't finish

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

JavaScript is hard when dynamically create and destroy elements based on user preference.

What's next for Budget Calculator

Reorganize format, add more functionality

What happened? Did something works?

Although our product is not completely finished, there are still a lot of good user-friendly UX / UI elements and data calculation done behind the scenes.

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