Everyone knows in their hearts that they should follow a budget, but it's such a pain to keep track of what you've spent. Sure, there are apps for budgeting, but that means every time you buy something you've got to awkwardly open up the app, you've got to flip through a bunch of overlapping categories and try to figure out which one your spending goes with, and then you've got to fill out a form. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you had a friend who was looking out for you, automatically keeping track of all your spending? You could just tell your friend what you bought and let your friend worry about the details for you. With Budget Bot, that friend is here for you.

What it does

Budget Bot is a a platform that you can access through the web, through Alexa, and through Facebook Messenger. You can give it a try! Instead of waiting until the end of the day and trying to remember what you bought, just tell Budget Bot about each purchase as you make it, using whatever method is most convenient.

How I built it

After a prototype of the Budget Bot system won first place at Carnegie Mellon University's Tartan Financial Innovation Challenge, I spent several weeks adding additional features and improving the robustness. The Alexa frontend is hosted on AWS Lambda, while the backend runs on Google Cloud Platform.

What's next for Budget Bot

Budget Bot is always working on improving his knowledge of the English language in order to more easily understand your budgeting needs!

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