As almost-broke college students, we saw a lack of financial and budgeting literacy for people in the gen-z community and felt it was imperative to create a project addressing this issue! We have all used budgeting techniques such as spreadsheets and notebook trackers but all are forgotten quickly. We believe that a budget tracker Google Chrome Extension is an easily accessible, and clean tool to allow students to track their expenses daily.

What it does

Budget Babe allows:

  • The user to set a budget which is displayed in the popup
  • Input the amount of money spent
  • Sends push notifications when you are going over or changing your budget
  • Add a cost to their total spent amount directly from a webpage (think online shopping!)
  • Choose a category for spending

How I built it

I built this using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and jQuery.

Challenges I ran into

One of our main challenges was learning to save user data in our google extension and save it on to the available google chrome database. We also ran into several issues with our feature that involves adding a cost directly from shopping sites and trying to push more than one notification at a time. However, through hours of debugging and guidance from our mentors, we were able to overcome these issues!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first time building a chrome extension and exploring web development. One of our favorite features of our extension are the push notifications, which alert you when you are going over budget, keeping you on track. We are proud of our design clarity and the clean easy-to-use interface, which makes our project appealing to our target audience.

What I learned

Through extensive debugging and research, we learned that to be able to develop a functional and aesthetically-pleasing project, it is important to be persistent and patient with every obstacle we encounter. On a technical level, we gained exposure to JSON and learned more about web-based development.

What's next for Budget Babe

In the future, we hope to implement more features to better aide our audience. We plan to include data visualization of user spending, make the extension more personalized for the individual (implement adding category feature, pick the color scheme, etc.).

Although the idea was born at Rose Hack, we are just getting started. We want to continue building Budget Babe and hopefully make a positive impact on our audience!

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