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What it does In our App the user can add their expenses and incomes, can delete or edit an entry, the app will show the total income and the total outcome, also a simple pie chart, and the balance

How we built it Our app shows, the balance, the income and the outcome. it also has a dashboard where the user can add a new entry (an income or an expense), he can toggle between the income list (that show only all income entries) and the expenses list (that shows only the outcome entries) and all list that shows all the entries. The user can edit or delete an entry. Our app has a chart, so the user can easily compare the income and outcome.

The user's income and expense entry list is stored in the local storage, so when he refreshes the page, or reboot his machine, he can always find his data there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of UI is just awesome

What we learned More about javascript and vanilla.js

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