BudgeMe Budget Planner

BudgeMe is a budget planner that provides a breakdown of your spending through percentages based on a total budget for a given certain time period. It visualizes these percentages of your budget through use of a pie chart. It then gives you an analysis of your percentage of spending by reporting your percentage spent on each category and how of your budget you have left.

What it does

  • Allows for the user to modify the time period that the budget spans
  • Interactive user interface allows for input of spending for time period
  • Updates budget remaining as user inputs money spent
  • Displays a pie chart based on user data
  • Writes an analysis of your spending habits

How we built it

Our group of four made this budgeting app for our first hackathon. We began by creating the idea of the budget planner for the hackathon and began deciding which language we would decide to use. We ended up using javascript to make our webiste. This was quite a challenge because we as a collective had very minimal experience in javascript, HTML, and CSS. We began splitting up the work to try to work as efficiently as possible and this is our final product. We broke the work into design, code, and styling all split between the four of us.


Every adult needs some way to budget their money, especially college students. We thought that since budgeting is such an important step in an adult's life, we would be the ones to allow them to do so.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Due to this being our first hackathon, we were proud to produce a working project. We had to learn each step, even the smallest ones, through trial and error.

What's next for BudgeMe

We hope to allow for users in our website by using databases or local csv files. This will allow for information to save. We also plan to allow for different types of currencies to make BudgeMe more accessible to the general public.

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