We are going to college, and we need financial independence

What it does

It processes a daily budget, compiles past data from a specific user and determines spending habits. Builds budget related to spending habits, uses a heatmap calendar for visual reference. Enables the setting of goals(such as buying the new movie), and manipulates budget to afford the goal by the specified date.

How we built it

Mostly front-end, we used the Capital One API for data analysis. Used CSS and HTML Framework, with a combination of python and java script for functionality. We used Bootstrap to help with design and d3.js to help with visual representation.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the d3.js properly, short of time to effectively analyze data points and formulate accurate representations

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Clean, effective framework, learning a new unfamiliar api and bringing together html/css and python/js

What we learned

New API, how to use Bootstrap and D3.js.

What's next for Budge-Wiser

Fine-tuning and improving algorithms

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