We wanted to help educate people on financial literacy, which we believe is a big issue that affects a majority of students as well as other people in society.

What it does

Our app sets categorized budgets for the user and deducts the amount based on bank and other additional transactions. Additionally, the application also reminds users through a geo tracking feature whereby the user will receive a push notification when in close proximity to a location that may draw them to spend money.

How we built it

We developed the entire project on xcode via Swift. We looked into what it took to develop a multi-view application on swift, and used Git to coordinate and for version control. Separately, we tackled specific parts of the application as a whole, dividing up roles to cover topics such as: geo tracking, push notifications, views, and backend persistent data.

Challenges we ran into

None of our team had prior experience to developing applications using Swift, which led learning the language and xcode framework to be rather difficult at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing geo tracking was a big accomplishment because we've never done this sort of thing. Also, since this was the first hackathon that most of our group members was a part of, finishing a project of this magnitude within time constraints was definitely a learning experience and an accomplishment we're all proud of.

What we learned

UI, UX design, agile thinking and methodology, how to setup proper API calls, swift, geo mapping, team cohesion, all about some of the amazing sponsors!

What's next for Budge-it

Our group members discussed that Budge-it can be taken further by taking in the transaction data from the user and recommending investment options based on interests. With the collection of user data, we will be able to better analyze the trends of investors and tailor advertisements and investing suggestions towards them.

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