After watching an inspirational video of a felon named Curtis Carroll. He was arrested for robbery murder and attempted murder. However, because of his circumstances, he did not know what choices to make in life, and the concept of financial literacy. We embarked on a mission to stop more cases of murder and financial crime by creating an easy-to-use web-app that appeals to those low-income families.

It tracks your financial spending through a budgeting system. Through an average calculator that learns based on the number of users that access the website, we managed to create a budgeting system fit for everyone. The user simply has to enter their net monthly salary, and is greeted with a lovely UI doughnut chart that illustrates their budgeting markups.

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code our website. A crucial component of our web-app was the back-end database known as Firebase, a product that Google provides. This software allowed us to keep track of different users, their salaries, and potentially, their spendings. We also used the HighCharts API for JavaScript to display the doughnut chart.

Using Firebase was tough, as this was our first time using it. We ran into multiple errors that surfaced because we assigned too many commands to a button that would over-run each other. Also, we used an open-source JavaScript chart

After completing this project, our team feels good about making our first web-app as new coders. We have learned the basics of front-end and back-end computing. Using three languages, we were able to expand our programming repertoire. We feel accomplished that we worked as a team, and that we efficiently divided our tasks and took minimal time in completing them.

We learned how tough it can be to make a simple web-app run. However, although we had very tough start and end, we were able to power through it, and all of our teammates provided the knowledge and resources to make our project possible.

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