** Inspiration**

Our inspiration stems from the difficulty to choose between health and money as an undergraduate student. It is often seen that we have to compromise health due to poor financial management.

** What it does**

Budg-eat is a budgeting app that plans out the amount of money individuals can spend per meal depending on their budget. It allows the users to choose the amount of meal they want to have within the budget. It also provides variety in terms of healthy food depending on how healthy they want their meals to be and provides a total calorie count if one were to follow through with the planned food meals. It also provides an option to filter out meals with ingredients an individual is allergic to.

How we built it

We used MySQL to store and parse the database of restaurants, meals, prices, etc around the campus. We then used Eclipse as IDE and utilized Swing Class in java to create the UI and work with the inputs.

** Challenges we ran into**

The challenges we faced throughout the project were connecting the entities and react. Being able to complete the project within the time limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment that we're proud of is being able to utilize MySQL within our Swing java class.

** What we learned**

We learned how to implement MySQL on Swing Java Class. We also learned how to use Swing java to create UI.

What's next for Budg-Eat

In the future, Budg-Eat is looking to cater to wider geographic areas and stakeholders. It will provide versatile features that would include exact locations, timings, and many more. The app will also offer a variety of dietary-restrictions friendly restaurants such as halal food, gluten-free, kosher food places, etc.

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