We designed BuddyUp! to tackle the lack of women involved in computer science. Our app matches an experienced computer science student, or Mentor, with a incoming freshman, or Mentee, based off of shared interests, hometown, and field of study. Mentees can ask questions or simply chat with their Mentors, with future iterations allowing for Mentor reviews and app feedback.
 BuddyUp! can be well implemented into a school's web portal system. We feel that by providing the requisite support and resources necessary, we can help make the industry as a whole more positive, inclusive, and progressive.

What It Does

  • BuddyUp! Allows users to sign up as either a Mentor or Mentee. Mentees are paired with a Mentor based off of their intended major, interests ('bio' field*), and hometown. Mentees and Mentors then chat with each other, with Mentors providing support for their Mentee. The match can then be terminated at any time*.

How It's Built

We built it using React Native, Node.js and MongoDB.


  • Setting up the environment on a windows computer
  • Learning React Native


  • First iOS app using React Native
  • First time front-end development for the majority of our team members
  • Stylistically, we are proud of how our project looks and feels.

What We've Learned

  • Styling on React Native is messy

What's Next

  • Algorithm for pairing the best mentor to the best mentee
  • Better UI
  • Chat functionality
  • Waiting Queue
  • Saving users to the database

*Will be included in future versions.

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