Many times in school we cannot find another student who is in the same class to study together. It is also hard to find another student who might live closed by to study together. In big lectures it can be difficult to meet people and it can be difficult to travel all over campus to study. With the change of technologies, many students start taking online classes but online classes lack communications between students. We want to create a web app that allow students to easily find students in the same classes as they do to study with.

What it does

Partner's up students at the same University and in the same classes, by matching them based on location(who is located closest to them)

How we built it

HTML, CSS frontend Python with Flask for backend SQLite database for the users and requests tables

Challenges we ran into

Confirmation email hard to send Locate users

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Lots of web

What's next for Buddy Up

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