Sometimes when we have exams in schools, when people around me aren’t well we start to panic and sometimes just need someone to talk to, someone who is available whenever I need them. That’s when we came up with the idea of the app “Buddify”.

What it does

Plato is designed to assist users who are suffering from moderate depression and anxiety. The app is programmed to be developed to use information the user gives to sense the user's mood and react with empathy. Plato cannot replace a human therapist, despite the fact that it is a quite friendly bot and seems to be very approachable. It may, though, be an useful tool when combined with other forms of therapy. Plato, on the other hand, enables a person to obtain assistance at any moment, from any place, and for a lower cost.

How we built it

Using the Scratch application and we worked on creeating Plato and our online forums.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes the code wouldn't work so we had to use our decoding and problems solving skills to overcome this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learnt how to use softwares, and overcame any technical challenges.

What we learned

How to use and Scratch, and different tools.

What's next for Buddify

Try to actually create an actual app by partnering with different groups/companies.

Built With

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