It’s a very difficult experience to try to find the best solution for care for an aging parent or ill relative. Up until a few months ago, I (Isabella) lived in a house with my mom and grandmother who has advanced dementia. Eventually, my grandma became unable to go upstairs and her dementia had worsened, so my mom made the difficult choice to move her to a senior care facility. It was just too much for my mom to try and take care of her 24/7 on top of everything else. When she was already tired and had a lot on her plate, she faced the stress of seeing what services might be available to help at home, explore different care options, and ultimately pick a home for her aging mother. With all that technology has to offer today, we were inspired to make this app to help senior citizens take care of themselves with the help of a trusted companion.

What it does

Our app provides guidance in various ways for seniors. It incorporates a chatbot for an easier user interface to have conversations and seek advice. It has come to our notice that older people typically have trouble with using modern technology, so we have created "Buddi", a virtual assistant that speaks to users manually and intakes voice inputs. In addition, the app sets reminders for seniors and creates a platform for a caretaker to track the location of the senior. It also provides recommendations based on location for nearby events.

How we built it

We used swift, Xcode, and Dialogflow.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into include figuring out how to use cocoa pods (connecting the AI from Dialogflow to Xcode), coming up with good data to train Buddi, and thinking from the perspective of an elderly person. We also had a hard time figuring out how to use the Google Maps API. We also struggled to connect a segue from the firebase database to Xcode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of creating Buddi using Dialogflow, and figuring out how to use the Google Maps API.

What we learned

We learned how to incorporate apple maps into our project. At first, we had a few challenges trying to get it to work, but by working together we overcame the problem. Another thing we learned was adding the chatbot and incorporating that into swift.

What's next for Buddi

We hope to personalize the app even more for each individual user and incorporate a platform for seniors to connect with each other.

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