I made buddhify because too many of my friends were interested in mindfulness and meditation but never did anything about that interest because they thought it took too long to learn and/or was too hippy. From my own experience I knew that these were design challenges rather than intrinsic to the practice and so created buddhify to solve those problems.

We launched buddhify for iOS at the start of 2014 and have had a great response. It's been especially great to hear from entrepreneurs and other people with busy digital lives who have found the app useful in bringing some more calm, compassion and self-awareness to their lives.

We have now just launched the Android version during the competition window of and so this is the app we are submitting.

Apart from the 'content wheel' interface which is so popular, what I'm most proud of is that the Android version has twice the amount of content that the original iOS version did. And all the new content is based directly from over two thousand messages and suggestions send from users of the app from all around the world.

And it is really working for people - the messages we get from our community around the world are really wonderful and inspiring. So I encourage anyone interested in making products which support people's wellbeing to absolutely do it - there's nothing more motivating that knowing that what you've made is really making a difference in real people's lives.

To date the original iOS app has resulted in over 7 million minutes of mindfulness that would not have otherwise happened and we hope that this Android version will result in many millions more - all in service of our mission to use wise technology to bring more awareness, calm and compassion - and yes happiness - to the world.

Although the app for iOS is already relatively popular we are a tiny team all completely self-funded and have invested any revenues we have had so far back into the product, including the Android version. Should we be recognised by this Happiness Challenge it really would make a big difference to us and allow us to continue to make new creative products which help people's wellbeing.

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