We are creators of BuCo!

A platform that brings Business and Costumer together

How many times have you walked pass the same store and never walked in because you were in a rush, but really was interested in what they are selling? How many businesses do you think out there have outstanding products, but never reach a busy New Yorker? Well, I think we might have a solution for that.

Customer problems

· shopping in the store takes time and energy, and it can be boring or not yield desired result;

· shopping online also takes time and doesn't usually work either

Business problem

· physical stores don't get enough traffic and are losing the battle to the online market

Customer Solution

· find items quickly through platform, try it on in AR experience (avatar + merchandise), pay for it, pick it up when you need it

Business Solution

· business connects to a customer through the platform by sending discount promotions based on frequency of proximity data (how often a person passes by the store)

Here is how it works

You open BuCu app, you scan unique code of the store and browse through the catalog of in-stock merchandize.

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