The theme for the hackathon was Backyard that is outdoors. So we thought why don't we make a fun project which we can enjoy while being outside. We have come up with a game that has Augmented Reality within itself.

The game is about a robot which we have named Bucky, can do activities according to us. We can make him run, stop and wave, the game includes those options. This robot is a 3D robot that can be viewed at any angle. As this project is based on Augmented Reality, it includes the feature of sharing our camera that is we can turn on our camera and can visualize it in the picture.

We have used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build this web application. The challenge we faced was to place the robot in the perfect place while using the camera.

In this hackathon, we build something different than usual. So we feel proud of ourselves.

In addition to the current game, we want to add more features that will enhance the game experience.

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