People make sustainable actions every day, but its sometimes difficult to see your impact. We believe that by gameifying sustainable actions, we can help promote people to do more themselves, and feel better about it! You can post pictures of the things you do, and have your peers verify those images to both receive 'drops'. Maybe in trying to accumulate fake internet points, we can improve the condition of out planet!

*Please visit the website below and check us out. Be sure to use information that isn't sensitive, our website is NOT secure! *

What it does

BuckIt takes the tinder swipe life and repurposes that droning back and forth to something eco-friendly. You, share your sustainable action with the world. Your peers, make sure you're performing that sustainable action. Both you and your peers gain drops for your efforts. You can redeem drops for real cash prizes.

How we would go forward

After flushing out our product further, we would look to partner with universities. The idea is that the university would sponsor the project with rewards to put tangible value on your droplets. At UW, that might look like a free coffee at Peets for 1500 droplets, or some Rath curds for 2000 droplets!

How we built it

We have a LAMP stack setup on a google cloud server. We point a domain from at this LAMP stack and built all our infrastructure on top of that.

Challenges we ran into

We all had very little previous experience working with a LAMP platform and its associated components. Almost everything related to the tech stack was something we had to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We hit a wall not too far in an we were able to push past it and get (most) of the features we wanted done before the submission deadline.

What we learned

Planning to work with each other better is super crucial. We think we could have worked to inspire each other more.

What's next for BuckIt

Scalability and security

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