We are graduate students from NC State from various parts of the world and each one of us have huge bucket list. We have friends around everywhere but are not in constant touch with them. It is very dissappointing to got out on a place and we miss out on some great adventure that might have in our bucket list. We would also not like it, if we knew we could have caught up on old friends who were around but missed on it as well. We are all social beings and bucketlist apart from making your dreams come true is also a way to keep u hung up in the world.

What it does

You make a bucket list of your own. You create a shared bucket list with a friend or a private one. If you are travelling to a place on a holiday or over a business trip, our application on a fly gives you suggestions if our search matches your bucket list. We also give you a list of your friends whom you can catch up on in that trip.

How I built it

We built the application on HTML and for database we are using Firebase. We used to Facebook login API and Facebook Graph Search to get your friends information. We used google maps to enable users to input their future trips and current location to be dynamically be able to give live suggestions. And don't worry we do not spam. We only suggest if we match your bucket list. We are using amadues API to get the suggestions on places at a particular radius of the users location.

Challenges I ran into

This application can have various add ons and various applications within it. Since we had time for only 2 days we had to sit down and prioritize things that were most important and most different in our application.

The main challenge was to be able to built a working application using new technologies in such sort span of time. But that was the fun of it too. Hence we love hackathons ;) :P .

Since none of us had worked on UI, we faced quite some challenges on that end and also faced challenges using graph api in facebook because of various authentications :P and amadeus API, since it is not so matured. We had to formulate our use case according to what amadeus provides.. :D

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To be able to come here even after having so many assignments' overhead ;) Frankly it would be to able to mock about how we were pathetic at different aspects, still overcoming them and coming up with an awesome app which has a scope of lot of improvements and can help ppl fulfill their dreams.

What I learned

We learned that what makes a great app is an awesome\ idea and its not so difficult to built on a new technology. You always end up learning from them.

What's next for Bucket List

There is a lot to BucketList next and we are looking forward to create and deploy this app for the general public. Various functionalities have only been implemented to work for the demo and we look forward to making it more matured. We have currently used only Amadeus API but in future plan to use Yelp APIs as well.

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