Inspired by a local startup movement called "Kick the bucket of cashew". It's like to take their startups out of the box, but in this case out of the bucket.

What it does

So the idea is to create a filter where they could really kick a bucket full of cashews. Without Augmented Reality that would be way harder to accomplish.

How I built it

I created 3D models using Blender then I exported all the rigged 3D models and animations to use in SparkAR. On SparkAR studio I created the filter using physics-based materials and patches to control the animation.

Challenges I ran into

Set a pipeline to create ORM textures and to figure out the better way to rig and animate the models in a way that SparkAR Studio could recognize the bones and affected mesh.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To finish the filter the way I idealized it was my accomplishment

What I learned

I learned a lot about how to interchange 3D files from Blender to SparkAR Studio.

What's next for Bucket of Cashew

Next step is to make the community to use the filter to engage with their audience.

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