As college students, we want to be able to find cheaper and effective ways to travel home for the holidays during our breaks. Compared to other applications, Bucket List combines jetBlue's best deals to come up with suggestions for your next trip.

What it does

Bucket List takes advantage of jetBlue's Lowfares and Deals data sets and displays it in several ways to users to make travel plans. The app's Explore section offers pictures of potential travel destinations, which when expended, displays departing points one could go from to reach the destination. In the Analytics section, users can find graphs of best fare deals depending on the time of year they are available to travel, based from their closest airport.

How we built it

We built our application on Ionic to simulate iOS and Android surfaces simultaneously. We converted jetBlue's data sets into mySQL, where we extracted its individual data to display on the app, using Php and HTML. Our login page was incorporated with a splash screen and used firebase to complete the login system.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we spent time choosing a framework to work with; starting off with a web app. However, with progress, we decided that a mobile application would better suite our goals, having user interface be easier to navigate. When we parsed the data sets from a mySQL database to the home page using Php, we found that Php commands does not work on mobile applications, therefore having to upload the files onto a host and embedded it onto our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of developing an application that has an easy to navigate user interface. The team was divided into sections of front-end and back-end where we accomplished each of our roles. An early achievement was that we had successfully parsed the data sets from mySQL onto our page, after several failing attempts, finally getting us a jumpstart into the design process knowing that we have the data to work with.

What we learned

We were learning about Node.js and the React js library, before having changed from a web app to mobile. Furthermore, we believe we gained skills and became familiarised working in the Ionic interface, towards the end of the event.

What's next for Bucket List

Moving forward we hope to add more customizability features for a user's account. For the analytics page, we plan to better incorporate the view-ability of data: Fare points, for example, is only effectively shown as a graph if the user is a frequent flyer. In the future, we would like to have the opportunity to directly increment jetBlue's API into Bucket List, for an updating data set of flight deals.

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