It is undeniable that virtual classrooms and meetings are becoming more prevalent and will continue beyond the pandemic. We found that many video-conferencing and webinar platforms lacked the ability to collect questions from the audience efficiently and in an engaging way. Our goal with Bubl Board is to create a space where audience members can interact with one another in a visually stimulating way and allow presenters to easily answer audience questions. We hope to re-create the vivacity and excitement of live discussions while eliminating stressors and barriers presenters and audience members might face when answering or asking questions.

What it does

Bubl Board is a simple and intuitive web application which allows audience members to post questions anonymously on to a shared digital canvas. Our platform sorts and prioritizes questions based on relevance and popularity allowing presenters to respond to questions with just a glance.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

  • Translating our design into code
  • Creating a product which was unique but also inclusive/ accessible
  • communication over digital platforms
  • merging code written on MacOS and Windows
  • Git merge conflicts due to poor communication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a fully functioning web app!
  • Successfully implemented ML
  • Designed a product that we think can genuinely help others

What we learned

  • Learned how to add complex animations with css.
  • Rapid prototyping with bootstrap.
  • Learned the peculiarities of Java script (ES6 and commonJS incompatibilities).
  • How to run a machine learning python script in a node.js server.

What's next for Bubl Board

  • With more time we would hope to add more accessibility features such as speech to text functionality
  • Settings where with the option to change the language, colour theme, and duration.
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