Bubble Zap

Bubble Zap is the first game I've ever built and it's in 3D. Basically, you have 60 seconds to pop 50 floating bubbles. It's harder than it looks — so don't forget to spin, pan, and zoom.

gameplay screenshot

This game is an adapted version of the bubble pop! demo from Tony Parisi's GLAM (GL And Markup) project. All I really did was re-skin it and add some game logic, but I'm hella proud of it. And since GLAM supports VR rendering, I just ordered a Google Cardboard kit too (more on that soon).

FYI I've really only tried this on Chrome and it's bit of a resource hog. I did manage to score a 47 on my iPad & my Nexus5 though, so it's possible. In fact, I think it's almost a little easier on mobile.

I created this game to learn more about glam for Issue 77of Git@Me.


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