The waste accumulation of one-time use plastics has become one of the most prevalent issues of the 21st century. Although plastics are extremely convenient to have on hand, consuming them comes at a significant cost to the environment, as plastics never fully degrade once they are disposed of and pose unhealthy risks to many ecosystems. The increased consumption of bubble tea among teens and young adults in recent years has only aggravated the environmental issue of plastic waste, as the majority of the cups, lids, and straws that come with bubble tea are single-use and tossed away immediately after consumption. Bubble tea stores unlike other stores haven't started large scale efforts to be more environmentally conscious.

What it does

We wanted to create a platform that contains a data visualization displaying the unsustainable aspect of the consumption of bubble tea and also provide resources to better educate people about this issue as well as equip them with resources to become more sustainable.

How I built it

React, VS Code, Plotly

Challenges I ran into

Learning React for the first time was quite a hassle, but I am definitely looking to delve into it more in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a website from scratch.

What I learned

What's next for BubbleTeaify

Create a working live website that is pleasing to the eye and allows users to easily interact with it.

Built With

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