This is a unique and epic bubble popper game!

This is NOT an another clone...
Available only on Galaxy Gear devices.
Designed specifically for the small screens of smart watches.
You only need to swipe to move the bubbles, so that the small screen is not a problem.
When two or more bubbles with the same color touch eachother, they pop out.

You can choose from two game modes:

1. Freestyle

  • Three different size of levels.
  • Try to pop out as many bubbles as you can.
  • If you remove more bubbles at the same time, you get more point
  • After each step, new bubbles will appear
  • The game will end if the course is full.

2. Campaign

  • 15 increasingly difficult levels
  • You have to pop out all of the bubbles to move to the next level
  • Pop out all bubbles with fewer steps and get 3 stars.

Designed to Galaxy Gear (Tizen), Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear S.
Tested on Gear 2.

Now you can play literally anytime, anywhere.

  • in the bath
  • in the jacuzzi
  • on the beach or at the SPA
  • on meetings
  • in lectures
  • in front of the microwave waiting for the food
  • while there are commercial on TV
  • on the toilet
  • etc.
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