Usually artists and their audience do not share the same space. We want to put performers and their audience in the same space and enable them to explore it together. We also explore new intuitive ways of interaction with sounds.

What it does

The performer uses a breath and bite controller to blow bubbles into a virtual 3D space. The space will be projected on the walls of the performance arena around the audience and the performer who stands in the middle. Each bubble is associated with a sound. The pitch is determined by the bubble size. After a bubble has been created it orbits around the arena which can be experienced visually and acoustically as we use L-ISA's spacial audio.

How I built it

The virtual space is created with Unity. Bubble parameters are determined by the output of the breath and bite controller. Unity communicates the bubble size to MAX which outputs a sound with corresponding pitch. Unity communicates the bubble position to L-ISA which renders the spatial sound scape.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting all the programs and interfaces.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Intuitive way of blowing bubbles.

What I learned

Nothing works quickly just like that.

What's next for Bubbles

Enable multiple performers. Enable more interaction with the bubbles and alteration of sounds after they are created.

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