It should be easy and fun to browse news and find interesting information on the side about the subjects you're reading

What it does

Aggregate the latest Thomson Reuters data into categories, articles and meta information about articles

How I built it

We used python and stream data to the frontend via sockets and APIs

Challenges I ran into

Using d3.js to make the UX better and fancy with nicely visualised news article data proved to be quite a challenge, especially considering none of us had worked with d3.js before. We decided to code the frontend from scratch with our limited frontend skills.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though we had several crisis because our progress was so slow, we managed to get a working prototype up and running.

What I learned

d3.js is nothing to mess with.

What's next for Bubblert

That depends on whether people think it's actually useful. It's an MVP - if the hypothesis that it's an easier way for people to consume news is true, then we'll definitely make it a nice and polished publishable web application.

However if the enthusiasm for Bubblert isn't there, the development will likely stop after the hackathon.

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