We got inspired by common interests, thought about something that everyone could benefit from, combining two areas that are, utterly, vital to today's society. Music is something that so many people could not live without. Coding, technology, in general, is getting more popular day by day, and so, this is how BubbleKey was born.

What it does

Music-making is in our blood. Make some noise, explore a new sound, create a song or collaborate with others. You can find a collection of passionate creators, whether you already are one or aspire to become one. Explore our extensive collection of beats, loops, and instruments, or connect your own instrument. If you have the urge to create, there are no longer any excuses.

How we built it

We used to create the website, along with languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, we also used Canva for certain designs.

Challenges we ran into

Our team was formed relatively late, therefore, time wasn't on our side, and we didn't finish the 'create a song' page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were still able to create a project in a short period of time and combine all of our interests and skills into it.

What we learned

We learned how to make a fancy-looking UI/UX design. Moreover, we are more familiar with web development and went a little bit more into depth in terms of prototyping and wireframing.

What's next for BubbleKey

Our next goal is to actually make this website available for people, as right now it is only a prototype.

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