Fan fever of eSports Entertainment is at an all-time high! Viewers are looking for new ways to interact with their favorite streamers. Streamers’ profits are constrained by discovering, engaging, and rewarding their top fans in real-time. Conversely, when live streams are disconnected because of bandwidth capacity, streamers lose money. BubbleGum was built on the pillars of actionable analysis to optimize the number of followers a streamer will gain by nurturing and appeasing to their superfans.

What it does

This twitch extension allows a deeper level of interactivity that offers more personalized insights between both the streamer and the fanbase. We want to offer a platform in which creators can learn and grow from their community.

How we built it

We used the new twitch developer rig to build a video overlay and a panel extension on top of to track rewards, comments, and interactions during live stream viewing. We built a unity application that offers augmented reality (AR) capabilities designed to interact with the streamer's camera allowing fans the opportunity to be recognized and appreciated for the merchandise they're wearing in real-time. Third, a chatbot in the stream was developed to monitor the overall sentiment and translate the comments in the channel.

Challenges we ran into

IBM Watson bot was finicky and difficult to work with at times, but with a bit more time, we would understand what is a better design pattern to implement it successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The IBM Watson Code Pattern created was well thought out.

What we learned

Having a better understanding of EBS - Extension Backend Services.

What's next for BubbleGum

Partnering with streamers who are looking to increase their levels of engagement and providing a better fanbase experience.

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