In the advent of born digital record preservation, we’ve been taught that it’s important to become an “embedded archivist.” This means working a donor at an earlier stage to understand the records they are creating, and assist them with identifying significant content. Unlike paper collections, electronic records are fragile and often require earlier management to prevent data loss.

Our tool aims to assist users with regularly extracting collections from their email corpus and making them shareable with a team or community. The sharing aspect results in linking communities through the types of content shared within a network. We also understand that the way email accounts are organized varies greatly from person to person, so our approach presents what can be referred to as dynamic arrangement, presenting multiple ways to view your content and form collections based on the parties it will be shared with at the time.

How I built it

We used to build the prototype. For the graph, we used a combination of D3 and SVG. For data extraction and JSON file, we used Python and NLTK

Challenges I ran into

Getting the new languages to work properly.

What I learned

D3 data visualization How to format JSON properly, utilizing NLTK, extract summary

What's next for Bubble Wrap

Building the site while integrating the technologies Search feature implementation

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