We wanted to create a VR game that was fun and addictive. So many VR experiences are a one-and-done approach, so we wanted to make something exciting and re-playable that could only be played in VR.

What it does

We settled on an aiming focused game where you pop green bubbles and avoid dangerous red ones. Special golden bubbles which are smaller and vanish quickly are worth 5 points. As time progresses, the screen fills with more red bubbles. There is a leaderboard system for players to compete for high scores.

How we built it

We borrowed an Oculus Rift and Alienware gaming laptop from MLH to develop with. After installing the Oculus software, we started experimenting with the VR component of Unity. After aiming/looking around was working, we used Unity's raycasting system to detect when a player has directly looked at an object. From there, we expanded functionality, randomly generating differnt types of orbs, adding sound effects and music, adjusting game design and logic, and creating game over screens and leaderboards.

Challenges we ran into

Our first and largest hurdle was downloading and installing Oculus due to connectivity issues. Adjusting difficulty settings and generally trying to make the game hectic but skill based was a challenge that required some nuance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone who has demoed the game so far has really enjoyed it. We're really proud of the responsiveness and fun factor.

What we learned

This was our first experience with a VR application, so we had a lot of fun learning what made for a fun experience. We learned a lot about cooperative game development. We also learned that we should always have an idea before arriving at BoilerMake! However it worked out this time :)

What's next for Bubble Take

We want to port the game to Google Cardboard, as android supports Unity VR. There are also so many game-mode opportunities to be explored, such as a precision mode, new types of "enemy" bubbles, time trials, etc.

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