_Project for HackUTD 2018. _

File sharing, simplified.

AirDrop for Mac is platform-specific. Dropbox is too heavy for many use cases. Sometimes, you simply want to quickly share a few files at a meeting or in a study group. Enter BubbleShare. We bring you the simplicity of AirDrop without the overhead of Dropbox. Share files between platforms without creating an account.

How it works:

  • Al opens the app.
  • Al clicks the 'Create a Space', giving him a new Space to work in. The code for the Space is displayed on screen.
  • Al shares this code with his colleagues, who open the app and click 'Join a Space', entering Al's code.
  • Al and his buddies now have access to a shared space. Al and his colleagues can drag and drop files from their computers onto the space, and any one of them can download any of those files.
  • All Al needs to do is stay in the space. Once he leaves, the space is closed automatically.

Problems We faced:

  • Whenever we receive and Initialize Communication we weren’t able to correctly exchange keys.
  • We had problems transmitting the encrypted file.
  • We also were trying to implement gun.js so we can verify if the file exists via gun but we couldn’t get the communication info from the gun.

Future Changes:

  • Learn gun.js and it’s features completely.
  • Learn the logic of writing encryption and decryption with use of both public and private keys.
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