It is estimated that 5700 children become orphans each day and this number would only increase during the pandemic. Harshil was inspired by Instant Family which inspired him to want to help tackle this problem by creating Bubble. An app that allow various organizations to be on one platform and allow families to connect and attend their events.

What it does

Bubble is a non profit app designed to be utilized by foster organizations as well as potential foster homes. Organizations can register themselves and will have the ability to host a variety of events and post about their programs. Potential foster homes and families in the nearby vicinity can then search through their pages on our app to utilize said services. Our app highlights local foster organizations to facilitate ease of navigating organization's main web pages.

How we built it

We used Firestore for our backend, Xcode with Swift, and Android Studio with Kotlin.

Challenges we ran into

We had some technical difficulties with Android Studio and had to adapt to each other's skill level to be able to build the app. Our teammate was unable to be at most of the hackathon so the rest of the team made changes to the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not know each other prior to the hackathon able were to work together and be able to communicate with one another despite the time differences. We were able to accommodate each other's comfort level of using Firestore and use of our tech stacks.

What we learned

One challenging aspect of this year's Hackathon is the obstacle of time. While creating the project, the time difference between the different team members hindered our ability and productivity but in the end we came together to create a truly unique app using varying software with little to no experience. Even though we were opposite ends of the globe, we had common interests and worked as a team to achieve our goal.

What's next for Bubble

We would like to implement a feature that has users connect their Facebook account or social network account to their profiles, so that families

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