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I interviewed with my friend's younger cousin at UCI. He's something that is on the spectrum. And while I was interviewing him he gave me lots of hints that he fails to recognize emotional cues and really wants to have a companion that he can just talk to about random things. Then came the inspiration for Bubble J Buddy. Also because I love spongebob and bubble buddy is one of his best pals. This buddy is for everyone who needs someone to talk or someone to talk with.

What it does

Bubble buddy has 7 distinct emotions shown: angry, scared, happy, sad, disgusted, thinking, and laughing. He chats with you by pulling a question or conversation line from a mLab mongodb database I set up with 29 questions and 35 conversations. He also lets you talk to him as a personal assistant with emotions attached by soundhound houndify api. And there's some secret marvel api secrets around his custom designed house :).

How I built it

I used a MEAN stack template app and started hacking away. There were a lot of things I knew I could've done because bubble j buddy is like a chatbot. However, I wanted to convey the emotion with it so that's why I have made my own personal database of questions and conversations for now. In the future, once I made learned enough and got enough feedback with sentiment analysis from my questions or when the user of my apps send recordings or texts to bubble buddy. Then I can start doing some machine learning and building some solid conversations.

Challenges I ran into

Not enough time to do all the designs and get everything I wanted when working by myself. If I had maybe 4 more hours I would've completed every feature that I would have wanted

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

How to launch an app successfully from start to finish. How to use marvel api and soundhound api. Sleep is good for the soul. I slept for one hour total.

What's next for Bubble J Buddy

Watson tone analyzer pairs well with my different animations for emotions. Also add comic books under the table for Disney Marvel API if I don't get that done quick enough. Use Watson API for Tone Analysis

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