Feel struck and stagnated in the remote seclusion of your home due to the reigning pandemic? Missing the vibrant and ruckus of your social life? These are quite prominent concerns amongst people of all hues and climes these days. They have been raging our minds and as we pondered about quick solutions to revive the thrill of lively interactions in a technology-enabled fashion, an exciting idea struck us - why not build an application customized by us in order to meet the social cravings of the pro-social-media fans.

What it does

Bubble-chat is an optimized and user-friendly online chatting application, that comes along with utilities like instant message dropping, customizable features, room creation, syncing user’s contacts to the app. It is another stroke at connecting people across the globe in a safe, secure, as well as ravishing environment.

How we built it

We have built it using ReactJS, CSS, NodeJS, HTML and We have used:

  • ReactJS for building the UI of the website
  • CSS for design
  • NodeJS for running the website in the local environment
  • for backend storage of chats

Challenges we ran into

  • Deployment of site.
  • Different versions of dependencies troubled a lot.
  • We had planned to introduce the voice feature but due to lack of knowledge about this domain and time constraints we have limited our application to only chat basis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It feels elated to have successfully built a complete chat application, learning and enhancing our knowledge of React Js, CSS, working on GitHub, not to be missed, collaborating, and sharing knowledge in a healthy team spirit.

What we learned

The hackathon has all been about growing our pool of knowledge. Not just from React JS, coding to Git but also the inevitable time management skill that was tested and enhanced to the hilt. Self confidence in ourselves to make such applications like Bubble-chat and many more in future.

What's next for Bubble-Chat

“Growth and Learning are incessant.” We hope to improve the chat features with the availability of video and voice call facilities as well.

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