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BUBBLE, a time tracking and deadline management application for CMU students and anyone who wants to manage their time and deadlines in a more efficient and vivid way.


Inspired by the endless days and nights of working before homework dues at CMU, we came up with an idea to make the "due life" more colorful and efficient by creating a mobile application which records people's time consumption as colorful pigments, and generate colorful pictures as rewards to their hard work. It helps people manage their time and deadlines with a lot of fun.

Target Users

  • CMU students or other college students
  • Office employees
  • Anyone who wants to manage deadlines with time tracking


As a time tracking and schedule management application, Bubble distinguishes itself from other silimar applications in terms of its special metaphors, integration of two time management methods, as well as the intuitive interactions.

Metaphor of Bubbles

Tasks are displayed as bubbles of different shapes, icons and distances to the center, which indicating the category, task type, and deadline of each task. For example, the most urgent task is closet to the center of screen, and tasks of the same course could be set in the same color. There is also a to-do feature that the bubble size represent the relative time devotion to it. For example, tasks one seldom does will gain weight in order to draw attention to them.

Time Tracking & Schedule Management

We combine time tracking with task management in BUBBLE, enabling users to track time as well as maintain a global view of their tasks.

Intuitive Gestures

When setting up to work on one task, the user drags the task bubble into the central work zone to start time tracking. S/he can later drag the bubble out to stop this task, or drag another task in place of the previous one to switch task.


  • Tap "add" button to add a new task
  • Drag a bubble to the center zone to start the task
  • Drag the bubble out of the center zone to stop the task
  • Or drag a bubble into the center zone to switch to a new task
  • Tap a button to view detail
  • Tap the "more" to view full profile

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