Bubble is a robotic system for visualizing sorting algorithms.

It's boring to view these things on a screen - let's learn about searching and sorting algorithms in front of our very eyes. With a robot.

What it's made of

Bubble consists of:

  • A custom-designed (in 18 hours) XY-axis system powered by stepper motors for manipulating cards
  • A powerful intake fan for suction of playing cards
  • A computer vision system for isolating and identifying the values of arbitrary playing cards
  • A website for potential students to learn more about Bubble.

What can it do?

Bubble can perform bubble-sort on playing cards. It's fantastic, interactive, and very real.

We're excited to build a platform that makes learning about algorithms easier and more effective - and encourages people to apply their newfound algorithmic knowledge to disciplines ranging from hardware design to web development, just like we did.

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