This idea came up when we are talking about the difficulties we encounter in the daily life as a Boston University student. One problem is that choosing which dining hall to go to for meals is a gamble everyday because the dining website take a lot to navigate through so we created a search engine that would show you which dining hall is serving the food you want to eat in BU.

How it works

The scraper file scrapes all 3 dining hall websites and their today's menus. The main has a scheduler module that would allow it to run the scraper at 1:00am every day to refresh the menus. The menu is then stored in a JSON file in our server. Javascript creates a list dining hall with their menus and dynamically creates HTML elements using that list. The search bar in the HTML instantaneously filters through the results that contain the string the user has entered. Finally, the user is presented with the final list of food and location that has their food of choice.

How I built it

We are using flask as our back-end server and JavaScript as front-end. The scraper is written in Python using Beautiful-soup. The main file is written in Python using flask which would then allow the user to connect to the webpage written in javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Reading and interpreting the JSON file with flask and javascript; Hosting it with AWS

What's next for BU Dining Online

Possible incorporating an user alert system that would save a list of favorite food of the user for each phone number would send the user a text message when their favorite food is in the menu that day.

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